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Within, our goal is to create a community of highly qualified and ambitious AI engineers, strategists, and enthusiasts. This way, we can ensure a qualitative pre-selected talent pool of future AI experts for our partners and sponsors.

There are numerous areas in which you can support us. Have a look at our offered packages!


Challenge Setter

One of the best ways to foster innovation is competition, and what could be a better way to support competition than to organize a challenge? This is why is offering to be a partner in putting together great hackathons!

Planning a successful hacking-event is not at all trivial (we know that first-hand), which is why we are proud to offer our expertise: among our members are many hackathon-enthusiasts with experience from both the organizer and participant side.

While the biggest benefits of hackathons are arguably the creative results, they are also perfect for providing networking opportunities for people with shared passions and interests or keeping an eye out for talented contestants with relevant skills for the field.


AI Sponsor Network

Are you passionate about fostering AI talent and innovation in Austria? Consider becoming an AI Accelerator! By supporting us financially through our AI Accelerator program, you’ll help us provide more opportunities for motivated students to learn, grow, and make a positive impact in the field of AI.

As our partner, we provide you the opportunity to increase your visibility within the Austrian AI community by featuring your brand and message on our media channels and marketing materials. Additionally, you will be invited as a Guest of honor to our regular networking events where we connect AI professionals from different industries.

Join us and make a difference today!


Mentorship for Future AI Leaders

You’ve always had a passion for supporting the growth and development of talented students? At, we offer you the perfect opportunity to make a lasting impact as our esteemed partner. Through our mentorship program, you’ll have the honor of mentoring and leading a student who shares your passion for AI.

As a mentor, you’ll have the chance to share your expertise, insights, and experience with a highly motivated and talented student who is eager to learn and grow in the field of AI. Our diverse community of students spans from undergraduate to doctoral levels, ensuring that you’ll find a mentee whose goals align with your areas of expertise.

By becoming a mentor, you become an invaluable source of inspiration and guidance for one of our students. Through regular meetings, discussions, and feedback sessions, you’ll help your mentee build their skills, expand their knowledge, and foster meaningful connections within the AI community.

Not only will you make a significant impact on your mentee’s personal and professional growth, but you’ll also have the opportunity to gain fresh perspectives and insights from the upcoming AI talents.

Join us and shape the future of AI leaders!


Meet the Employer

Join forces with to connect to our talented students and position your company as a top employer in the AI industry. With our “ Connect” package, you’ll have the opportunity to host students at your office, showcase your work and facilities, and present yourself as the ideal employer for students fresh out of university.

You’ll have the chance to share your company culture, projects, and opportunities with our student community, who are passionate about AI and innovation.  Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to identify potential talents and recruit them for internships or job opportunities in your company, helping you build a strong and dynamic team of AI experts.

Join us and boost AI careers!


Workshop Partner

Partner with to educate the next generation of AI enthusiasts and leaders. As a partner, you’ll have the opportunity to host a workshop for our AI community and share your expertise and insights on exciting and emerging topics in AI and technology. Whether you have a hard or soft skills workshop in mind, our students are eager to learn and apply their knowledge to real-world challenges and opportunities.

Joining our “ SkillUp” program as a partner is more than just a chance to share your knowledge and expertise – it’s also an opportunity to build meaningful relationships with our student community and establish yourself as an influential player in the AI industry. In addition, we will also advertise you and your company on our media channels so you can showcase your brand and engage with potential recruits.

Join us and educate future AI leaders!

Think Tank

AI Project Partner

Looking to advance your current AI projects, but you’re lacking appropriately skilled manpower? Partner with us through our “Think Tank: AI Project Partner” cooperation package. As a partner, you’ll have access to a pool of talented and motivated students (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.) who can work with you to advance and complete your current AI projects. Our students are passionate about AI and have the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle complex problems and deliver results. No matter whether your need reaches from natural language processing (NLP) to computer vision (CV), we have got you covered.

Partnering with us on a research project also gives you the chance to build relationships with potential future employees or collaborators. Our students are eager to learn and grow, and working with them gives you the opportunity to identify and attract top talent to your company.

In addition, our cooperation package offers exposure and recognition for your company as a leader in AI research through our media channels and events. Showcase your company’s research projects, results, and findings to a wider audience, and build your brand as an innovator and thought leader in the field.

More details (e.g., how to find the best-fit students, employment type, remuneration, etc.) can be discussed in an initial and non-binding call.

Join us and lead the edge in groundbreaking AI research!


AI Expert Talks

Join’s “TechTalk” series and share your expertise and insights with a diverse and international community of AI enthusiasts. As an external partner, company, or institution, you’ll have the opportunity to present an exciting topic or project you’ve been working on and showcase your company’s vision and expertise in the field of AI.

Our TechTalk program enables traction among talented students and researchers of diverse backgrounds – all combined by one passion, Artificial Intelligence! You’ll have the chance to inspire, educate, and attract the next generation of AI engineers and enthusiasts. Your personal or company’s brand is not also not short of notice. We will feature it on all our media channels.

Join us and share your expertise!

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